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Practical Police Combat Pistol shooting without all the rules!

Where Shot on the 50 yard range. (range #2) using a B27 target
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Equipment Pistol or revolver 9mm/38 special or larger. No magnums.
Strong side holster. No crossdraw, iwb, sob, or shoulder holsters.
This is to prevent flagging of other competitors with a firearm.
4 magazines or 4 speedloaders. Minimum of 60 rounds. of ammo.
Course may be run twice if time permits requiring 120 rounds.
Eye and ear protection is MANDITORY.
Course of fire: 1st string - load 6 rounds with 6 in reserve. Fire 12 rounds in 25 seconds standing at 21 feet.

2nd string 6 rounds standing left barricade left hand, 6 rounds standing right barricade right hand, 6 rounds kneeling. Time limit of 90 seconds.
Score first 30 shots and install repair center. Shot at 50 feet

3rd string 6 rounds prone, 6 rounds sitting, 6 rounds standing right barricade right hand, 6 rounds left barricade left hand. Shot at 50 feet. Time limit 2min 45 sec.

4th string 6rounds standing offhand, time limit 12 sec.
Score target and record. After each string of fire shooter is to remain in position with muzzle pointed downrange and show clear until released to reholster. Firearms are to be empty and holstered until command to load is given. Any competitor may call a ceasefire at anytime if observing a unsafe practice.

Questions: Contact Dave Beebe at or 440-552-2920.

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