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ALGC Skeet & Trap Program 2022

ALL SHOOTERS ARE WELCOMECome Out & Have Some Fun         

We encourage and welcome both experienced shooters and “newbies” along with club members and non-members.  If you know nothing about skeet or trap but want to try it, come out and attend an event and talk to those of us who shoot. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience to be shared within this group. We are glad to cover the rules of the game, shooting techniques to break the birds, the skills to practice and provide any other help you might need. By tapping into our group’s knowledge of the sport, you might even save some money as you get started by understanding the right/best equipment to purchase. On the other hand, if you are an experienced shooter be ready for a challenge… mixed birds, winds, weather (just like a hunt). 


It takes about 25 minutes to shoot a round of Skeet and Trap takes a bit less time.  A round consists of 6 shooters for Skeet and 5 shooters for Trap. The teams then shoot together on the respective courses. The squads are assembled based upon the shooters order of registration.  If there are more shooters than permitted in each round, those individuals in the overflow will get to shoot the next round and can help if desired, which makes things go faster. If less than a full squad of shooters is on deck, it is still permissible to begin the round.  If we have more participants, we will shoot more rounds.


            The fee for A.L.G.C. Members is $5.00 per round (25 birds)


            The fee for Non-members is $6.00 per round (25 birds)


            **Note - Change is not always available, so please bring the correct amount of

   cash to cover the number of rounds you anticipate shooting.



To shoot, you MUST have eye and ear protection. You need a shotgun and ammo.  We are limited to using #9, #8, or #7-1/2 shell loads. For shotguns, we shoot 12, 20, 28, and .410 gauge. All types of shotguns capable of holding 2 rounds are permitted (Semi-auto, Over & Under, Tactical). From experience, we know the cost of the gun does not make a better shooter!  We shoot American Skeet.





The official starting time for both Skeet and Trap is 10:00AM.   We usually offer a pre-shoot warmup on the skeet field at 9:30AM.  The cost for the 10 birds shot during the warm-up is $2.00 for both members and non-members alike.


Event Dates for Trap and Skeet:


May     7th & 21st                                            Sept.   10th & 24th  

June   4th & 25th                                            Oct.     8th & 22nd

July     9th & 23rd                                            Nov.    5th & 19th (the TURKEY SHOOT)

Aug.    3rd & 27th                                            Dec.    3rd & 17th



We generally continue shooting until the shooters are cold, soaked, out of ammo, or tired.  We do have a small house (we call it the Birdhouse) to warm up or cool down in when the weather is inclement.  The weather.... well if it is a blizzard then we won't shoot.   We try to shoot every day that is posted on the schedule, and have shot in the rain, wind, cold etc.    If it starts pouring when you get there.... you might not want to stand in the rain and shoot! Always bring boots if it has been raining, as we do get some standing water.!





Rocky Roberts: Skeet Director (440) 655-9846

Robert Roberts: Co-Skeet Director (216) 536-0413

Dave Double: Trap Director (330) 416-5555

Ken Leaf: Co-Trap Director (216) 571-0102





We welcome your calls. If you have any questions or are just curious about our Skeet and Trap events, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of the above numbers.  There is nothing too basic to inquire about. 





PLEASE BE ADVISED: Our Club requires ALL shooters to sign a liability waiver.  The form, which we provide, has been revised and everyone will have to sign the new 7A Revision.  We will have waiver forms at the Birdhouse, located between the Skeet and Trap ranges, which you can sign when you arrive.  Shooters under 18 require a parent’s signature on the waiver form as well.




Come out and join us for a good and safe time!!!!


SKEET SCORES as of 6/5/22
TRAP SCORES as of 6/5/22
D-Day Shotgun Scores
Name Season
Name Season
Name Score
Rogers, Doug 21.40
Double, Dave 22.10
Sink, Pat 21.00
Nelson, Stan Jr. 22.00
Sporting Class (25 Birds)
Stroup, Dick 20.50
Sink, Pat 21.50
Doug Rogers 20.00
Roberts, Don (Rocky) 19.40
Brummer, Marc 21.40
Dick Stroup 20.00
Swartz, Tom 19.30
Nelsen, Caleb 21.00
Rob Roberts 19.00
Brooks, Dick 19.00
Batttaglia, Nick 21.00
Don (Rocky) Roberts 15.00
Robert, Rob 18.70
Brickley, Rich 20.00
Dave Double 9.00
Brummer, Marc 18.00
Double, Tom 20.00

Navy, Dave 17.30
Breimaier, Karl 20.00

Reeves, Cliff 16.30
Slanoc, Andy 19.60
Tactical Class (25 Birds)
Brickley, Rich 16.00
Walton, Eric 19.30
Cliff Reeves 14.00
Battaglia, Nick 13.00
Stoneking, Mike 19.00
Tom Horstman 13.00
Hill, John 12.00
Stasek, Bob 19.00
Mark Padany 9.00
Link, Adam 11.00
Fishburn, Mark 18.00

Link, Jonathan 7.00
Roberts, Rob 18.00

Root, Brian 3.00
Lennon, Gregg 17.70

Furda, Cameron 17.50

Stroup, Dick 17.00

Roberts, Don (Rocky) 16.00

Navy, Dave 15.30

Link, Adam 14.00

Dotson, Ron 14.00

Root, Brian 14.00

Link, Jonathan 7.00

Marxen, Jace 7.00

Butler, Alisha 3.50





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